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Exam Code: 98-364
Exam Name: Database Administration Fundamentals

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John works as a Database Administrator for Bluewell Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. A table in the database has a candidate key and an attribute that is not a constituent of the candidate key. The non-key attribute depends upon the whole of the candidate key rather than just a part of it. Which of the following normal forms is represented in the scenario?

A. 4 NF
B. 2 NF
C. 1 NF
D. 3 NF

Correct Answer: B

You work as a Database Designer for DataOneWorld Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. You are assigned the task of creating a data model of an enterprise based on a specific data model. The model to be created should be independent of a particular DBMS. Which of the following database designs will help you accomplish the task?

A. Logical database design
B. Conceptual database design
C. Physical database design
D. Application design

Correct Answer: A

Which of the following steps in database planning helps to determine the requirements of the database through interviewing?

A. Gathering information
B. Identifying the relationship between objects
C. Identify the objects
D. Identifying the type of information for each objects
E. Modeling the object

Correct Answer: A