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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-344
Exam Name: Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013

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Your organization is performing a Portfolio Analysis in Project Server 2013. You want to create a
consolidated Portfolio Analysis optimization based on Cost and Resource data, which will be part
of the project information in Project Server 2013. You plan to provide different simulations to
your organization by using those parameters and returning the best prioritization. This
organization has two different unit directors, who have the final decision on the consolidated
Portfolio Analysis results. You need to provide the ability for your unit directors to modify the
final portfolio selection. Which element should you use?

A. Resource Requirements
B. Project/Proposal Priority
C. Field Cost Constraint
D. Project Original Start
E. Field Force In/Out

Correct Answer: E

You are a project manager in an organization that uses Project Server 2013. All project managers
have permission to edit all projects. You edit a project in Project Web App (PWA), make changes,
publish the project, and close your browser. A project manager calls you to report they are
unable to open your project for edit in PWA. You need to resolve this issue. What should you do?

A. Advise the project manager to open the project in Project Professional 2013.
B. Open Project Professional 2013 and use the Clean Up Cache button.
C. Open the Project Center in PWA and use the Check in My Projects button.
D. Open the Project Center in PWA and use the Project Permissions button.

Correct Answer: C

Your organization is a multinational corporation that uses Project Online to plan and control the
projects in different business units. Each business unit has its own portfolio of projects but can
participate in strategic projects. The Research and Development (R&D) department has been
struggling to gather and materialize the new ideas. The Project Management Office (PMO) has
the necessary templates and Enterprise Project Types (EPTs) to start a formal process for any new
product and to adhere to the general guidelines. However, the R&D group does not want to
register all of their ideas since many are related to improvements and few of them could be
materialized into projects. You need to generate a solution that allows R&D to gather their ideas
and facilitate the materialization into Enterprise Projects. What should you do?

A. Create a new EPT for the SharePoint Task List and name it R&D New Idea.
B. Within the same site collection of Project Web App (PWA), create a Custom SharePoint Item
List for ideation and requests with custom fields that easily match with Project custom fields
when using the Add SharePoint Sites command in Project Center.
C. Create a new EPT for Enterprise Projects and name it R&D New Idea.
D. Within the same site collection of Project Web App (PWA), create a custom list for ideation
and match list columns with Project custom fields when using the Create Projects command
in the SharePoint Item List.

Correct Answer: D