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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-343
Exam Name: Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

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You use Project Professional 2013 to manage a project that has customer-required milestone
completion dates. You need to see graphically that your milestones have slipped beyond your
customer-required dates. What should you add to the project milestones?

A. a Must finish on constraint
B. a finish date
C. a deadline
D. a Finish no later than constraint

Correct Answer: C


You manage a project by using Project Professional 2013. Your project is updated with changes to
the baseline for selected tasks. You back up your project fife before you start your next tracking
cycle. After completing the tracking cycle, you notice that the baseline duration values on some
of the summary tasks are not correct. You need to correct these values before re-entering the
tracking data. You open the backed up version of the project schedule. What should you do next?

A. Manually update the summary tasks with the new duration values.
B. Reset the summary tasks to manual scheduling.
C. Ensure the tasks durations are of the same denomination values. Then reenter the tracking
D. Reset the baseline checking the Roll up baselines to all summary tasks option. Then reenter
the tracking data.

Correct Answer: D


You are a program manager. Your project managers use Project Professional 2013 to manage
projects. The project managers want to utilize the same resources across their projects. You need
to combine the projects, as well as the project resources, to see allocations across the projects.
What should you do?

A. Copy and paste all resource assignments into a Master file.
B. Share resources from an external resource pool.
C. Create a Master project and insert subprojects by using Link to project.
D. Open all projects in a new window.

Correct Answer: B