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Exam Name: Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

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Topic 1, Fabnkam, Inc



Fabrikam. Inc., is a pharmaceutical company located in Europe The company has 5.000 users.

The company is finalizing plans to deploy an Exchange Server 2013 organization.

The company has offices in Paris and Amsterdam.


Existing Environment


Active Directory Environment

The network contains an Active Directory domain named An Active Directory site exists for each office


Network Infrastructure

The roles and location of each server are configured as shown in the following table.




Client computers run either Windows 7 or Windows 8 and have Microsoft Office 2010 installed.

The Pans office uses the lP range The Amsterdam office uses the 192 168 2 0/24 IP range.

The offices connect to each other by using a high-speed, low-latency WAN link. Each office has a 10Mbps connection to the Internet.


Planned Exchange Infrastructure




The company plans to deploy five servers that run Exchange Server. The servers will be configured as shown in the following table.




The company plans to have mailbox databases replicated in database availability groups (DAGs).

The mailbox databases and DAGs will be configured as shown in the following table.

DAG1 will use FS1 as a file share witness DAG2 will use FS3 as a file share witness.


You plan to create the following networks on each DAG:


A dedicated replication network named DAGNETI

A MAPI network named DAGNET2

All replication traffic will run on DAGNET1 All client connections will run on DAGNET2 Client connections must never occur on DAGNETI Replication traffic must only occur on DAGNET2 if DAGNET1 is unavailable.

Each Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox server will be configured to have two network adapters.


The following two mailbox databases will not be replicated as part of the DAGs:


A mailbox database named AccountingDB that is hosted on EX1.

A mailbox database named TempStaffDB that is hosted on EX4.

EDGE1 will have an Edge Subscription configured, with both EX1 and EX2 as targets.




Planned Changes

An external consultant reviews the Exchange Server 2013 deployment plan and identifies the following areas of concern:


The DAC3s will not be monitored


Multiple Edge Transport servers are required to prevent the potential for a single point of failure.


Technical Requirements

Fabrikam must meet the following technical requirements:

Email must be evaluated for SPAM before the email enters the internal network.

Production system patching must minimize downtime to achieve the highest possible service to users.

Users must be able to use the Exchange Control Panel to autonomously join and disjoin their department’s distribution lists.

Users must be able to access all Internet-facing Exchange Server services by using the names of and

The company establishes a partnership with another company named A. Datum Corporation. A. Datum uses the SMTP suffix adatum.corn for all email addresses. Fabrikam plans to exchange sensitive information with A Datum and requires that the email messages sent between the two companies be encrypted. The solution must use Domain Security.

Users in the research and development (R&D) department must be able to view only the mailboxes of the users in their department from Microsoft Outlook. The users in all of the other departments must be prevented from viewing the mailboxes of the R&D users from Outlook.

Administrators plan to produce HTML reports that contain information about recent status changes to the mailbox databases.

Fabrikam is evaluating whether to abort its plan to implement an Exchange Server 2010 Edge Transport server and to implement a Client Access server in the Paris office instead. The Client Access server will have anti-spam agents installed.



You need to recommend which configurations must be set for each network. Which configurations should you recommend?


To answer, select the appropriate configurations for each network in the answer area.


Hot Area:



Correct Answer:





An administrator recommends removing EDGE1 from the implementation plan and adding a new Client Access server named CAS-8 instead. You need to identify which anti-spam feature will NOT be available on CAS-8. Which anti-spam feature should you identify?


A.      Connection Filtering

B.      Sender Filtering

C.      Content Filtering

D.      Recipient Filtering


Correct Answer: A




You need to recommend which task is required to prepare Active Directory for the planned Exchange Server 2013 implementation. What should you recommend?


A.      On any domain controller in the Paris office, run setup.exe /preparead.

B.      On any domain controller in the Amsterdam office, run setup.exe /preparead.

C.      On any domain controller in the Paris office, run setup.exe /preparealldomains.

D.      On any domain controller in the Amsterdam office, run setup.exe /preparedomain.


Correct Answer: B




You need to recommend a design that meets the technical requirements for communication between Fabrikam and A. Datum. Which three actions should you perform in

(Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)


A.      Create a remote domain for

B.      Exchange certificates with the administrators of

C.      From EDGE1, create a Send connector that has an address space for

D.      Run the Set-TransportConfigcmdlet.

E.       Run the Set-TransportServercmdlet.

F.       From a Mailbox server, create a Send connector that has an address space for


Correct Answer: BDF




You need to recommend which type of group must be used to create the planned department lists. Which type of group should you recommend?


A.      Universal Distribution

B.      Dynamic Distribution

C.      Global Security

D.      Universal Security


Correct Answer: A