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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 70-412
Exam Name: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

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You have a DHCP server named Server1. Server1 has one network adapter. Server1 is located on a

subnet named Subnet1. Server1 has scope named Scope1. Scope1 contains IP addresses for the network. Your company is migrating the IP addresses on Subnet1 to use a

network ID of On Server1, you create a scope named Scope2. Scope2 contains IP

addresses for the network. You need to ensure that clients on Subnet1 can receive

IP addresses from either scope. What should you create on Server1?


A.      A multicast scope

B.      A scope

C.      A superscope

D.      A split-scope


Correct Answer: C




Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a

domain controller named DC1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. On Dc1, you open DNS

Manager as shown in the exhibit.




You need to change the zone type of the zone from an Active Directory-integrated

zone to a standard primary zone. What should you do before you change the zone type?


A.      Unsign the zone.

B.      Modify the Zone Signing Key (ZSK).

C.      Modify the Key Signing Key (KSK).

D.      Change the Key Master.


Correct Answer: A



You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. Server1 has the DNS Server

server role installed. You need to configure Server1 to resolve queries for single-label DNS names.

Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

Choose two.)


A.      Run the Set-DNSServerGlobalNameZone cmdlet.

B.      Modify the DNS suffix search list setting.

C.      Modify the Primary DNS Suffix Devolution setting.

D.      Create a zone named “.”.

E.       Create a zone named GlobalNames.

F.       Run the Set-DNSServerRootHint cmdlet.


Correct Answer: AE