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Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills

Question No: 61

Which option is an example of nonfinancial benefits provided by new capabilities or realizing target outcomes?

  1. increased sales from a specific market segment

  2. reduced energy costs in manufacturing

  3. reduced travel costs for executives

  4. increased customer service satisfaction levels

Answer: D

Question No: 62

Which option describes the recommended approach to identifying new opportunities and capabilities to support the customer?

  1. Proactively ask business and technical decision makers about their challenges and opportunities

  2. Wait for the customer to approach you regarding their further technology requirements

  3. Present the features, advantages and benefits of additional technology solutions with your customer

  4. Ask the technical and business decision makers to organize a sales meeting with your sales team

Answer: A

Question No: 63

What is the reason for identifying business case dependencies?

  1. They are most likely to help you propose and defend solutions with larger customer investments

  2. Customer business executives expect Cisco to minimize the actions their teams are required to execute

  3. To improve alignment between the customer IT organization and business units

  4. To communicate decisions or actions which must be satisfied in order for the business case to be fulfilled

Answer: D

Question No: 64

Which customer-provided sources would give you insight into a public company#39;s recent financial condition?

  1. Quarterly filings with the country financial securities government authority

  2. A news article about a private company rumored to be an acquisition candidate for the customer

  3. Supporting information from an RFP the company issued 12 months ago

  4. A brochure that describes the company#39;s history in innovation

Answer: A

Question No: 65

When establishing a current view of your customer, which is an appropriate internal source of information?

  1. Service level agreements your firm helped to create, between the customer IT group and business units

  2. Financial analyst forecasts of the company#39;s revenue for the next 3 years

  3. Article on the customer#39;s new product line, published on an industry web site

  4. Websites of partners in the customer#39;s ecosystem

Answer: A

Question No: 66

What should a business case executive summary contain?

  1. Contractual terms of a maintenance agreement

  2. Rationale for choosing a model of network hardware

  3. Overall intent behind solutions and a statement of benefits and costs

  4. Name of customer manager recommended to be accountable for delivering business case results

Answer: C

Question No: 67

Who should be involved in determining key performance indicators?

  1. Representatives of each stakeholder group

  2. Solution architects only

  3. Business decision makers only

  4. Business decision makers and solution architects

Answer: D

Question No: 68

Which option describes a dependency?

  1. the reliance of one component on the functionality of another component

  2. a financial term for determining revenue generation requirements

  3. a reliance upon both quantitative and qualitative benefits of a solution component

  4. a way of grouping and classifying similar solution building blocks

Answer: A

Question No: 69

What two factors could influence the duration of a transition? (Choose two.)

  1. Budget cycle and funding

  2. Capability complexity

  3. The # days it takes to deliver a proposal for a briefing on advanced technology

  4. Availability of IT resources for backup and recovery

Answer: A,B

Question No: 70

A Line of Business executive wants to gain their team#39;s support for a new approach to customer service. What does a Business Model Canvas help them convey?

  1. Target state capabilities

  2. The company#39;s current value chain

  3. A prioritized list of current pain points

  4. Best practice metrics and industry benchmarks

Answer: A

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