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Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills

Question No: 101

When using the Business Model Canvas, which two options are motivations for creating key partnerships? (Choose two.)

  1. Diversification into niche markets

  2. Optimization and economy of scale

  3. Versatility and innovation

  4. Reduction of risk and uncertainty

Answer: B,D

Question No: 102

Which option is true when working with assumptions?

  1. All assumptions should be validated with the customer prior to reaching proposal stage

  2. It is line to use assumptions in your proposal if they are based upon industry standard figures

  3. Only the customer#39;s own assumptions should be used within a project proposal

  4. Assumptions should be omitted from a project proposal

Answer: A

Question No: 103

Which two options show how regular post-implementation business reviews with the customer assist with governance best practice? (Choose two.)

  1. by providing a forum for learning about new or changed business requirements

  2. by providing a forum for selling additional products and services

  3. by providing a way to regularly review actual performance against targets set and (if necessary) agree mitigating actions

  4. by providing a way to develop and enhance the relationship with the customer#39;s business and technical decision makers

Answer: A,C

Question No: 104

Which of the following is a key step in creating an implementation roadmap and gaining customer buy-in for it?

  1. Developing a roadmap executive summary

  2. Proving technical capability against business requirements

  3. Validating the roadmap and all assumptions with the customer

  4. Including an indexed glossary of all technical terminology

Answer: C

Question No: 105

A value chain analysis places focus on which two main areas? (Choose two.)

  1. Support processes

  2. Primary activities

  3. Financial liabilities

  4. Ecosystem competitors

  5. Impact of newest technology features

Answer: A,B

Question No: 106

Which would you reflect through a quot;To-Bequot; Business Model Canvas?

  1. The customer#39;s top future capabilities to increase productivity

  2. Detailed process handoff criteria

  3. A recommended organization structure for the IT department

  4. A sequence of projects to deliver new collaboration features for the customer#39;s service reps

Answer: A

Question No: 107

Which two groups of Stakeholders should be involved in validating the implementation roadmap? (Choose two.)

  1. End users

  2. Technical decision makers

  3. Application developers

  4. Internal account team

  5. Budget holders

Answer: B,E

Question No: 108

Which three factors may increase the consumption and adoption of solutions and services? (Choose three.)

  1. increased staffing levels

  2. utilization of innovative new technologies

  3. increased risk

  4. a culture that is resistant to change

  5. inability to accurately measure outcomes

  6. ability to accurately measure outcomes

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 109

What part of the benefits realization approach includes documentation and tracking of actualresults vs. projections?

  1. Defining formulas to use in calculating productivity gains

  2. Creating an outline for the business case

  3. Communicating the percentage of benefit goal delivered through implementation

  4. Creating an adoption and rollout strategy across user groups

Answer: C

Question No: 110

How are you able to deliver capabilities when using transition architecture approaches to change?

  1. Incrementally

  2. All at the same time

  3. In any sequence, with similar results

  4. Earlier than stakeholders require

Answer: A

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