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UCSInvicta Systems Engineer Exam

Question No: 41

Which PCIe slots are available to add more interfaces to the scaling system router?

  1. Slots 2 and 5

  2. Slots 4 and 5

  3. Slots 3 and 4

  4. Slots 1 and 2

  5. Slots 2 and 3

Answer: A

Explanation: Slots 2 and 5 allow for additional interface to beadded, you could use either a quadport

10 GE Server adapter SFP or an 8G fiber channel adapter.

Question No: 42

Which option describes how Cisco UCS Invicta uses cache?

  1. It uses cache for all reads that are affected by the RAID penalty.

  2. It does not use cache for writes, but uses cache for reads.

  3. It does not use cache to provide consistent I/O performance.

  4. It does not use cache for reads, but uses cache for writes.

  5. It uses cache for reads and writes.

Answer: E

Question No: 43

How many IOPS does a typical VDI user require?

A. More than 2,500 B. 1.000 to 2,000 C. 100 to 200

  1. 10 to 50

  2. 1 to 5

Answer: D

Question No: 44

Which three options are three characteristics of Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system mirrors? (Choose three.)

  1. Cisco UCS Invicta eliminates the need for mirror resynchronization.

  2. The mirror protects against node or LUN failure.

  3. The mirror can only be permanent.

  4. The mirror can be permanent or temporary.

  5. Both routers can read and write to the mirror.

  6. During mirror resynchronization, the storage nodes manage the resynchronization processes without involvement from the storage routers.

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 45

Which option is the approximate latency of the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance in Application Acceleration mode?

  1. 1 second

  2. 100 milliseconds

  3. 1 millisecond

  4. 100 microseconds

  5. 100 nanoseconds

  6. 1 microsecond

Answer: F

Question No: 46

Which three options are three types of customers where Cisco UCS Invicta should be positioned and sold? (Choose three.)

  1. Any FlexPod customer looking for an extension that incorporates Cisco UCS Invicta into

    the definition of the FlexPod

  2. Any customer looking for a storage solution

  3. Customers that have no interest in Cisco UCS technology, but want a flash storage system

  4. New Cisco UCS customers

  5. Existing Cisco UCS customers

  6. Existing Whiptail customers

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 47

Which two statements about the Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system are true? (Choose two.)

  1. Customers can redeploy a scaling system node as a scaling system router.

  2. There must be at least two scaling system routers and at least two scaling system nodes.

  3. There must one scaling system router.

  4. There must be at least two scaling system routers and up to six scaling system nodes.

  5. There must be one scaling system router and up to six scaling system nodes.

  6. Customers can redeploy a scaling system router as a scaling system node.

Answer: D

Explanation: There should always be two routers, then nodes can be scaled up to 6 units.

Question No: 48

Which option shows the number of physical SSDs that Ciscso UCS Invicta v5.0 applicances can be ordered with?

  1. 22

  2. 12 or 24

  3. 12

D. 6, 12, or 24

E. 6, 12, 18, or 24

F. 24

Answer: F

Question No: 49

Which three options can be chosen from the console administration menu of the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance? (Choose three.)

  1. Host Settings

  2. iSCSI Settings

  3. KVM Settings

  4. Alerts

  5. LDAP Settings

  6. DHCP Settings

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 50

Which option is the IP address block of the default management interface?



C. D. E.

Answer: A

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