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Advanced Security Architecture for Account Manager

Question No: 41

Which three options must a customer look for when choosing a security solution provider? (Choose three.)

  1. delivers better partner and customer support

  2. offers more than just niche products

  3. is committed to security

  4. generates higher margins on each sale

  5. provides solutions at the lowest cost

  6. prioritizes one security solution above all else

  7. creates new market opportunities

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 42

Which quality is an example of the Cisco value of flexibility?

  1. best continuous analysis

  2. better ability to scale and alter your environment

  3. enhanced remediation

  4. the only comprehensive policy enforcement tool

  5. faster threat identification

Answer: C

Question No: 43

According to recent studies, what percentage of global companies has experienced a

security breach?

  1. 100 percent

  2. 75 percent

  3. 33 percent

  4. 5 percent

  5. 0 percent

Answer: C

Question No: 44

At which point during the attack continuum does a customer experience limited remediation tools?

  1. Across the entire continuum

  2. During

  3. Before

  4. After

Answer: A

Question No: 45

Centralized management and automatic updates are examples of which customer cost saver?

  1. Faster integration

  2. Flexible licensing

  3. Fewer resources to manage

  4. Less time scoping a breach

Answer: C

Question No: 46

Which Cisco Security benefit is a differentiator that allows partners to plan and model their


  1. one solution to fit every need

  2. comprehensive vision for security

  3. lowest price points

  4. unparalleled commitment

  5. best-in-class technologies

Answer: B

Question No: 47

Reputation analysis and recommended remediation steps are examples of which customer cost saver?

  1. Flexible licensing

  2. Faster integration

  3. Fewer resources to manage

  4. Less time scoping a breach

Answer: D

Question No: 48

Cisco web and email security integrates seamlessly with existing security and network infrastructures. Of which Cisco value is this fact a prime example?

  1. time-to-value

  2. scalability

  3. flexibility

  4. agility

  5. control

  6. protection

Answer: C

Question No: 49

Cutting IT administrative costs and leveraging current hardware are features that demonstrate which Cisco business value?

  1. Completeness

  2. Cost effectiveness

  3. Flexibility

  4. Control

  5. Protection

Answer: B

Question No: 50

Which ability is an important benefit of the Cisco limited budget solution for small businesses in the quot;Small Businessquot; use case?

  1. leverage file reputation

  2. provide customer choice

  3. secure device connectivity

  4. enable many features with one appliance

  5. ensure compliance

Answer: C

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