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Exam Code: 70-684
Exam Name: TS: OEM Reseller

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A customer purchased a Full Packaged Product (FPP) version of Windows 7 Home Premium at a retail store six months ago. The customer requires technical support to restore the operating system to its default settings. You need to tell the customer which party is responsible for providing technical support. Who should you tell the customer to contact?

A. Microsoft Support
B. Microsoft Services
C. The retail store where the client computer was purchased
D. The hardware manufacturer of the client computer

Correct Answer: A

A customer plans to buy eight new client computers. The customer plans to purchase Windows 7 and to install the software on the new client computers. You need to recommend which type of Windows 7 license the customer must purchase. The solution must minimize licensing costs. Which type of license should you recommend?

A. Full Packaged Product (FPP)
C. Open Business with Microsoft Software Assurance
D. Open Value

Correct Answer: B

A customer purchases a new client computer that has an OEM license of Windows 7 Ultimate. Which version or versions of Windows is the customer permitted to install on the computer without requiring the purchase of additional licenses? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
B. Windows XP Media Center Edition
C. Windows XP Professional
D. Windows 2000 Professional
E. Windows Vista Ultimate

Correct Answer: A, C, E